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hearing is believing

music is deceiving

Phantom of the Opera Chorus
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Welcome to phantom_chorus, a lyrical Phantom of the Opera icontest community inspired mostly by ff8_chorus (but I know that there are tons more communities like this one =P). The Phantom of the Opera is a rich and engaging story that can relate to many aspects of culture - particularly modern music. This is already proven by the fact that it's been made into a musical =P If you like making icons, join in! Anybody can become a member, no application required.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of an icontest or icon challenge, allow me to explain: every week you'll be given a particular theme (in this community, a song) to make an icon with. We'll hold a contest to see who can make the best one, as voted on by YOU. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

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First off, NO icon/graphic posts or requests. This is a challenge community exclusively.
Also, be nice. Abusive members are frowned upon and will be kicked out.

For this community, an entry giving a song's lyrics will be posted every Sunday. You'll make your icon and comment on that entry with it (your comment will be screened). Entries are due by Friday. On Saturday, an entry with all the submitted icons will be posted, and you'll vote for your top three. I'll post the winners on Sunday as well as new lyrics.

1. Any community member can enter, but only community members can enter. Joining is open and application-free, so what are you waiting for?
2. Submit entries as comments to the challenge post. All entries will be screened.
3. All entries must fit standard LiveJournal icon guidelines (100x100 pixels, no bigger than 40 KB).
4. Obviously your entry must use the lyrics of the given song somewhere on it. At least three consecutive words must be readable (not microtext). You are in no way required to follow the theme of the song, twist the words up any way you like =P
5. Gradients/brushes etcetera are okay and encouraged. Animation, however, is not allowed.
6. Do not post/use your icon anywhere else until winners are announced; that way voting is fair.
7. You may submit up to two icons for each challenge.
8. Enter in this format:



banner = yes/no

for example:

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1. There will be a voting post showing all the entries. To vote, comment on that post; your comment will be screened.
2. Vote only once. Voting with alternate usernames will get you kicked out.
3. Don't vote for your own icon. If you do, the vote will be discounted.
4. If you have entered, you must vote, or else give me a darn good reason why you didn't.
5. Vote in this format:

1 = #
2 = #
3 = #

A first place vote is worth three points, a second place vote is worth two, and a third place vote is worth one. I'll add up the points and see who comes out on top. Also, I'll pick a mod's choice every week, and there may be a special category, like best color or best style etcetera.

The first place icon will then become the community's icon for the week.

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Week One: Iris
Week Two: Cochise
Week Three: The Show Must Go On
Week Four: Run
Week Five: You Wouldn't Believe
Week Six: Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own
Week Seven: Everything You Want
Week Eight: Christine
Week Nine: Wonderwall
Week Eleven: You Give Love a Bad Name
Week Twelve: If I Can't Love Her
Week Thirteen: Probably Wouldn't Be This Way

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kathyg23 email me

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Have phun =D
lyrics resource: here